September 2020

An automated mess. Why immature business is not able to build a management system.
"It's like removing snow in a snowfall" - roughly such sensations from time to time experienced by all business owners trying to build a management system. And there is no time to do business. Processes, people, conflicts, mistakes. A persistent feeling of a mouse fiddling around - everyone is fussing, running, ...
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Smart City
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True Gentleman Engineer "Nothing can stop me" - wrapping myself in a short jacket in line at the gangway, I repeated to myself over and over again. Neither the piercing wind, nor the fear of flying, nor the violent cough from the severe flu the day before. I was on the crest ...
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Is it possible to predict HR risks with AI?
One step away from his dream, Andrei closed the lid of the MacBook and looked tiredly at his interlocutor: "Something else?" For the third week he had been late at work until the night, plans to spend this summer with his family in Italy now seemed like a naive dream. No, he's not ...
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