March 2021

Do we roll square, do we wear round? Transformation: where to start?
Digital transformation - where to start? In my opinion, the main task of digital transformation is to accumulate an intellectual asset, and not to optimize the operating system, as many tend to think. Knowing your assets is where to start your digital transformation. It's a pity now many people underestimate ...
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Composable enterprise: what would I do differently
Modular platforms (Composable Enterprise) are not a magic wand in the hands of programmers. The success of any transformation, including digital, begins with a vision of the business and its development for several years ahead. When a business wants to scale, launch new products and locations, implement new solutions, try ...
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A correctly posed question is half the answer. About system solutions.
I believe that the task of a good service is not only to be nice, smile and be interested in the opinion of the client. It is about making the service as useful as possible for him. Typically, the client wants to get rid of the pain. He comes to a professional for ...
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Country from bottom to top
When I find myself in a new country, I am subject to landscape lust - to “cover” as much territory as possible, to travel many kilometers, to look into the most interesting corners. But at that time, even the lonely mountain peak, observed daily from the hotel window, was not conquered. Spain I ...
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