Analytics, Artificial Intelligence

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are not the same thing.

Let's say you need to make a quick decision about a discount for a client during negotiations. Intuition certainly works, but at least coordinate communication. At the very least, you will want to know everything about this client - history, status of his project, existing risks, cost, whether he pays regularly, whether there are risks in the team, profitability, etc. This is analytics.

If we talk about artificial intelligence, then at least it should have all the functions of an ordinary, human one. And as a maximum - to surpass it.

And this is only possible when all existing IT solutions and systems become part of a single whole. We boast, of course, that there are machines that play chess well or recognize by photos or correspond in social networks. But none will give the integrity that the most primitive brain demonstrates. Maybe because evolution is throwing away genetic waste, and we are still drowning in information?

Our scientific achievements are wonderful, they can solve local problems by an order of magnitude better than humans, but when they are called artificial intelligence, it makes me laugh. Nature is the only intelligence I know.

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