Denis and his elegant solutions.

Denis is the hero of my stories and cases. A resourceful and experienced manager who loves non-standard and simple elegant solutions in complex systems.

For every tricky bolt, there is a left-handed nut. Another story about systems and users.
Andrey could not concentrate. It was only 9:30 in the morning, and already the noise outside the door - the voices were getting closer and louder. -Listen, what are you doing? We worked well, and here is some of your algorithm. Can we somehow agree not to take it away from me? - Nice try, ...
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Who if not me? The story of one manager
- Do not get involved, you have no experience - whispered an inner voice. - But if not me, then who? There was no time left for reflection. Everyone looked at him. Denis nodded and turned to the client: - I am responsible for your project ...
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Not by protocol. Simple approaches to complex systems.
- Denis, no need. We will not make concessions in terms of time and quality, reputation is more expensive. - Nice try, but no. The corporate world Denis had a difficult time in B2B services after 15 years in IT product companies. He sincerely did not understand ...
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Composable enterprise: what would I do differently
Modular platforms (Composable Enterprise) are not a magic wand in the hands of programmers. The success of any transformation, including digital, begins with a vision of the business and its development for several years ahead. When a business wants to scale, launch new products and locations, implement new solutions, try ...
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Difficult decision
"If our customers can pay for orders with Bitcoin, we will gain a competitive advantage! And you are resisting change!" - against such an argument, all the facts sharply faded. Because hearing it in an advanced e-commerce company, where continuous change was part of the ideology, is tantamount to an insult ...
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