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Checklist - How to Manage Digital Transformation

Checklist - expert insights, life hacks and author's tips on digital transformation, transformational leadership, and a variety of useful information on how to manage digital transformation.

Why aren't your people motivated? 3 mistakes of the leader.
To understand how to motivate people, it’s better to figure out how to do it first. Mistake # 1. Excessive consistency and pedantry Try to write somewhere on social networks that the most important thing is people, you will immediately receive several comments about KPIs, financial results, and so on in ...
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3 key management processes that are missing
Digital transformation requires rethinking key processes. Working in different managerial positions in different companies and departments, I have met with an exuberant variety of processes - from burdened with experience bureaucratic to elegant technological. Digital transformation requires rethinking processes. At the same time, my ...
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About Engineer
Engineer and engineering thinking ... He is, above all, lazy. But not apathetic. He just doesn't like walking the same path twice. He doesn't do too much. He optimizes known paths and thoroughly studies unknowns before taking action. Sometimes his inaction is called ...
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